An Open Love Letter to All Those Who Provide Our Food


Dear Colorado Ag Producers: 

We have once again been gifted an opportunity to express how much we value YOU. We commend YOU as those whom we rely on to make sure we have food to eat. We feel an intense sense of pride thinking about our Ag Community, and with good reason. Colorado Department of Agriculture’s magazine Farm Flavor tells us: 

“Colorado boasts more than just majestic mountains and outdoor adventures – it’s also an abundant agricultural powerhouse. With 38,900 farms spread across 31.8 million acres, Colorado’s farmers and ranchers work tirelessly to produce commodities for both the state and the nation. 

The average size of a Colorado farm or ranch is 817 acres. Cattle and calves top the list of the state’s agricultural commodities, with dairy products, corn, hay and wheat following closely behind. The Centennial State ranks nationally in the top 10 for several crops, including barley, alfalfa hay, proso millet, grain sorghum, peaches, sheep and lambs. The Colorado Ag industry greatly supports the local economy, contributing approximately $47 billion each year and employing more than 195,000 people, not to mention international exports, which total around $2 billion annually.” 

As our Ag Producers, we know you are contention weary, fighting bigger battles on more fronts each year just to make sure we all have food on demand. We hope you have felt, especially over the past few days, affection for you in Colorado runs deep. As Coloradoans we love all things that grow. Because so much of who we are, how we celebrate, share, mourn, create, and connect with each other culturally revolves around food, we treasure opportunities to share a meal and drink. You are more than Ag Producers to us, you are our neighbors, friends, and family. You are our history and heritage. You are us. 

Recently, our friend Mike Beasley was on our show. He said, “If Agriculture is special interest group, sign me up.” We agree! Whatever struggles present themselves, we stand with you. Whatever voice, political muscle or help we can offer is yours. More than that – OUR Ag Producers – you have our irrepressible gratitude for everything you do. 

Let’s Eat!!
Sara Blackhurst, CEO Action22


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