Mollie Marie Kelley Named Good Citizen of Eads High School





Mollie Marie Kelley, daughter of Paul and Shawn Kelley was awarded Good Citizen from Eads High School.

During her Senior Year she was president of her class and FBLA plus served as a FBLA District 7 Officer. Mollie held the position of captain on the Eads Cheer Team while serving on the Knowledge Bowl Team. She was a member of E-Club, National Honor Society, and Students Taking A New Direction (STAND). Throughout high school Mollie participated in basketball and volley ball. She was awarded the Hugh O’Brien Youth (HOBY) Leadership Conference during her sophomore year. Mollie excelled in FBLA placing 1st at the district level then ultimately becoming a National Leadership Conference Qualifier in the competitive event “Introduction to Business Communication”. Her efforts to serve the community were numerous. Through FBLA Mollie had some type of community service every month.

In addition to her school activities, she works. Mollie’s work experience included the Weisbrod Memorial County Hospital as a Dietary Aide, Main Scoop, Crow’s Stop & Shop, and the Salty, Sweet, & Sassy Treats.

Mollie Kelley writes in her essay, “In my opinion, the best way to move in a forward direction and keep alive the ideals that we as a nation stand for, is to look back at our history. Where we came from has an enormous impact on who we are today and those that came before us can teach us so much. Knowledge of our individual history and our nation’s history can help us learn from mistakes (while still admitting them) and give light to what needs to happen next. As we as individuals educate ourselves about our own history and heritage, we learn about the nation and the impacts of choices made. Using this information to make new, and potentially better, choices can change the world that we live in. Together, as responsible citizens, we have to recognize and honor our past to appreciate the present and prepare for the future.”

Mollie is looking forward to attending college this fall. She has a passion for cooking and will become a professional chef. Mollie hopes to own her own restaurant or bakery one day. She will acquire an Associate of Applied Science in Culinary Arts and later a Bachelor of Applied Science in Hospitality Management. Mollie has been accepted to several institutions of higher learning but is waiting on scholarship opportunities and comparing the options.

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