Kieley Lynn Stegman Named Good Citizen of Pritchett High School


Kieley Lynn Stegman, daughter of Marcus and Jozy Stegman was named Good Citizen of Pritchett High School.

Kieley is active in her school and community. She participates in basketball, volleyball and track. Kieley is a member of the National Honors Society, Friends of Rachel’s Club and serves as the Student Council President. Her dedication to keeping the Town of Pritchett beautiful is very evident in her voluntary hours. Through her 4-H and FAA, Kieley annually cleans up the cemetery and fairgrounds, helped pour cement for the Pritchett Church and painted a shed at the Pritchett Park besides cleaning elder’s yards, hanging Christmas decorations and helping erect new street signs. Kieley also helped with the Best Grant 2020 school renovation project by tearing up carpet and tile flooring.

Kieley was crowned Miss Baca County in 2018. As reigning Miss Baca County, Kieley was the coordinator and Host of Baca County 2019. The Baca County Royalty helped at the previous county fair as well, Pumpkin Shine in Springfield that fall and represented Baca County at the Walsh Days plus gathered canned goods for Baca County food bank.

Kieley spends hours on end babysitting three children and works as a hired hand for a farmer after school hours and during the summers. Kieley wrote in her scholarship application, “My parents have instilled in me the importance of being responsible and making good decisions even when it’s not the easiest decision to make. Having pride in my home, my community, my country and my Lord and Savior is what pushes me to set goals and stay determined to succeed in accomplishing these goals.”

Kieley wrote in her essay, “We all must work together for a common goal, to keep our nation running and plan for the future. Being in school and getting an education is a contribution to our nation, for an education can take us farther in the working industry and help the economy expand.”

Kieley plans to attend Oklahoma Panhandle State University in the fall and pursue a degree in Elementary Education with a certificate in Special Education. A master’s degree is her goal. Ultimately Kieley would like to acquire a job near her home town.

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