Jonathan Ian Rink Named Good Citizen of Granada High School



Jonathan Ian Rink, son of Kevin and Charity Rink, was named Good Citizen from Granada High School.

Jonathan maintains the Superintendent Honor Roll while participating in football, basketball, baseball Knowledge Bowl and serving as class president. He was designated as Gifted and Talented (2016-2018). Jonathan has received the Presidential Award, Journalism Award in addition to Academic Achievement in English, Academic Excellence in LCC Ethics and Academic Excellence in LCC Speech. In 2017 Jonathan had an invitation to attend Engineering program at the University of California.

Jonathan is a speaker. Having a 4-H background and spending hours donating time with the Amache Preservation Society it is not surprising. Besides selling peaches, cleaning cemeteries, helping with funeral dinners, he still has time to visit nursing homes.

Jonathan has worked as a ranch hand so he knows how to work. His ability to work with his hands and be a problem solver makes him an asset to the Amache Preservation. As a young man he has a wealth of knowledge for his age but still does the physical work as a grounds keeper and painter for the Society. It is to be admired.

Jonathan writes in his essay, “When a group of good American citizens stand together and fight for what they believe in and what those before them believed in, together they can make America a very strong and powerful nation.”

Jonathan goes on to say,” One great example of this is The Amache Preservation Society run by Mr. John Hopper. I have worked with Mr. Hopper and The Amache Preservation Society for three years in order to ensure the maintenance and preservation of the site. Over my three years of working at The Amache Preservation Society and Camp Amache I have learned a lot about our history in a time where our country was in disarray. By The Amache Preservation Society preserving the World War II internment camp, Camp Amache, we ensure that a terrible injustice like the internment of Japanese Americans in the 1940’s will not occur again. My work at Camp Amache is what preserving our heritage is all about, it is a necessary lesson that needs to be taught and learned throughout generations in order to prevent such a tragic incident from happening again.

Jonathan plans to attend LCC and get his Associates of Science before transferring to CSU Pueblo to acquire a Civil Engineering degree.


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