Council Approves Water Deal for Highway 287 Construction

North View from Spreading Antlers Golf Course



Several weeks from now, CDOT and Scott Contracting will begin a road improvement project from Savage Avenue, south along Highway 287.  The 3.5-mile-long project will require 3 million gallons of water by the time it’s completed in July.  The construction company is building a batch plant north of Spreading Antlers Golf Course and will tap into the non-potable 8” water line used by the course so as not to interfere with watering the grounds.  The city will sell the water for the per cubic foot charge set forth in the 2021 Rates and Fees schedule.  The estimated usage is just shy of 40,000 gallons per month or 5,330 cubic feet.  The Lamar City Council approved the agreement during its February 22nd, meeting.

The council has several topics planned for its Monday, March 1st work session.  City Administrator, Steve Kil listed several subjects including the creation of a Public Safety Board, a matter brought before the council in 2020; the annual Ambulance/Emergency Services agreement with Prowers County as preparation for future discussions with Prowers County Commissioners; the wording of the ordinance pertaining to the registration of vacant buildings within the city limits, discussion of the “3 Mile” regulation with Prowers County as it pertains to area coverage of ambulance service, transitional issues for the airport’s fixed base operation and a means by which city departments can achieve operational efficiencies.  The council has instituted the monthly work sessions as a means to cover a multitude of topics in advance of taking any action at future council meetings.

The 90-day countdown continues for the final day of Lamar’s Fixed Base Operators at the Southeast Colorado Regional Airport.  The final day the services will be provided by the current operator is May 1st and the council has prepared a Request for Proposal to find a replacement for Lamar Flight Service.  Administrator Kil has prepared the document which was approved by the council during its February 22nd meeting.  The RFP is expected to be advertised on a national level.  Kil suggested there may be a four to five month gap between the expiration of the current agreement and a successful bid for a new FBO which will be approved by the Airport Advisory Board and the city council.  It’s estimated the airport is responsible for generating approximately $4.5 million a year into the city’s economy and its function plays a critical role for UPS, Fed-Ex, Amazon deliveries and the transport of medical materials into Lamar.

In other airport news, the council approved a Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriations Act Grant (CRRSAA) application for $13,000 to assist with the running of the Lamar airport.  The grants are being distributed to numerous airports around the country by the FAA to help minimize the spread of COVID-19.An ordinance pertaining to future registration of vacant buildings in Lamar is being drafted.  The suggestion was voiced earlier this year that such an ordinance listing the ownership of vacant or derelict buildings would aid the city in its efforts to improve the property so as to be saleable or at least, provide the city with an idea of any plans for the property by the current owners.  Mayor Crespin said a public hearing will be held for citizen input on the proposed ordinance, but reminded everyone it will pertain to vacant or hazardous buildings that are not currently occupied or in use and is intended only to register them for any future needs by the city.

March 22, 2021 was selected by the council as a date for a public hearing for Transfer of Ownership/Fermented Malt Beverage Liquor License from Pilot Travel Centers LLC to G. Aujla & Lamar, LLC.  The business, at 708 North Main Street, was constructed by Pilot Travel Centers and opened for business around that time in 2018.  The Center was the 4th constructed in Colorado up to that point.

In an annual housekeeping task, the council approved an Equitable Sharing Agreement and Certification to the Department of Justice certifying the amount of equitable sharing money that was spent annually along with the balance of the unspent funds.  There was a 2020 balance of $1,092.24 of forfeiture funds with no dollars being spent last year.

Dean Smith’s request to vacate the unused alley north of his property in the 1300 block of South 11th Street will be approved pending the city receives a clear title to the land in question as well as a legal description of the property.  The approval was contingent upon Mr. Smith ceding 20 feet of the west end of his property to allow the continuation of the existing alley.  The council also approved Chris Currell’s request to subdivide the last piece of property he owns at the end of Woodland Drive into four lots.  A documented plat will be required for the subdivision.  Both requests were approved by the City’s Planning and Zoning Commission.

Kristin McCrea, City Treasurer provided an update on the City of Lamar, unaudited 4th quarter financial statement for the council.

The council moved into executive session to discuss personnel matters under CRS 24-6-402(4)(f), evaluation of City Attorney.

By Russ Baldwin

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