Letter to the Editor: Pandemic Duration

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

This Winter Solstice, I am looking forward to Saturn and Jupiter becoming aligned to make the Christmas Star. This is an event that will not happen for another 800 years. I will be out star gazing on December 21st and will not want to miss the awe and wonder it will bring.

My goal is to seek inspiration and to focus on what I want to expand in my life, such as that which I am grateful for. When I am spitting tacks over something stupid, I know I am focusing on the wrong things.

When I am overwhelmed, I usually look at trials and tribulation in geologic time- or look to the stars and the universe to put things in perspective.

2,403 people died in the attack on Pearl Harbor 79 years ago and that event became the focal point of collective mourning — and action. But even when we have more than the equivalent loss of Pearl Harbor or 9/11 happening daily, I hear people underestimating or belittling the reality.

As of 12/9/20 there are over one and a half million deaths globally, or 291,754 thousand deaths in the US alone due to COVID-19.

People scoffed when I said pandemics are generally two-year events with various phases, peaks, and waves.

Here we are nearly a year after the acknowledgement of the pandemic, and we have a long way to go. Getting vaccines out to populations as it becomes available is a new phase. I am guessing the public will receive it late spring or early summer. Until I receive a vaccination this summer, I will continue to wear a mask and develop my capabilities as a recluse when possible. If you work with the public and are face to face with people every day, I want to thank you.

We still require response for people who need medical transport, hospitalization, case and contact investigation, testing, and mortuary services. This will not ease when we have social gatherings, events, and people disregarding social distancing and mask wearing. The demand will increase as our health and medical staff dwindles.

There is grief both personal, professionally, and collectively to process.

I cannot fathom how long or extensive the economic impact will be.

If you find yourself frustrated, overwhelmed or dismal, step out and gaze at the stars. I am wishing you and yours a beautiful Winter Solstice and hope you find or create some wonder and joy amid the mayhem this holiday season.

Respectfully yours,

Kris Stokke
South 10th Street
Lamar, CO


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