Social Distancing Entertainment with Virtual Easter Egg Run



Approximately 215 vehicles, from jalopies, to motorcycles, Quackers of the Rotary, Corvettes, cruisers and City of Lamar, First Responder Equipment gathered at the Cow Palace parking lot, Friday, April 10th, to assemble and register for the Easter Egg Cruise around town.

Attendees maintained social distancing with many just staying in their cars, waiting for the 6pm, “Go” from Ron Cook and the Lamar Days Rod Run which co-sponsored the event. When the time came, everybody fired up their engines and pulled out onto North Main Street heading south for the route which would take them around Lamar.

Registrants qualified for the Lamar Chamber of Commerce, LUV Buck drawing. The chamber offered $425 in LUV Bucks for the winners.

Here are the 15 winners of the Virtual Easter Egg Hunt:

Shrena Gonzales, Stacie Perkins, Dylan Mctaggart, Andrea McCarty, Kassandra Crum, Dale Adams, Kim Enciso, Lylah Reinhardt, Wayne Williams, Shylar, Maria Gomez, Taryn Darbyshire, Shanice Martinez, Mortimeyer Family and Linda Springer.



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