Life Continues at the Lamar Animal Shelter

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Despite the quarantine scenario in the state, our pets have noticed only that we’re been getting underfoot lately.

But life at the Lamar Animal Shelter, according to director Sarah McCloskey, continues in a scaled-down version of daily events. Code Enforcement numbers have dwindled since the beginning of the Shelter in Place and Safer at Home measures enacted by Governor Polis. Fewer dogs roaming on the streets, she estimated, is due in part, to more people staying at home.

She explained, “Our shelter has been closed to the public since March 17. We have been conducting business, such as return to owner processes, by requesting that patrons call ahead or once they arrive. We request that owners stay in their vehicles while we bring their dog out, after putting on proper PPE. This helps protect everyone and minimizes the interaction with the public while still getting dogs back where they belong.”

McCloskey added that volunteer activities have been suspended in support of the stay-at-home order. This is the case for most animal shelters across Colorado right now. She stated, “From talking with colleagues and friends throughout the state who work in animal care facilities, it appears that many places are seeing the same effects as we are in Lamar, as it relates to much lower numbers of stray animals being picked up, suspending volunteer services, and requiring appointments to do essential business.”

This, however, it turning out to be a good thing for our pets,” As for daily activities at the shelter, the dogs are loving all the one on one attention and extra enrichment toys, such as ‘busy boxes’. Previous to this, the community had provided us with a ton of recyclable material that has been put to great use keeping the dogs happy and mentally stimulated.” Area residents have noted more and more people spending time outdoors, taking their dogs for walks along the Lamar Loop and around their neighborhoods.

“We have continued to receive so much love and support from our community, in the form of donations that have been dropped at our door. We are so grateful to be part of such a thoughtful and generous community and look forward to the day we can safely interact with the public again!”

If anyone has any questions about the virus and Safer-at-Home measurers as it relates to the family pet, she can be reached at 719-336-8769, Friday – Tuesday.

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