Letter to the Editor: from Jacob Chamberlain-PMC Board Election


Hello, my name is Jacob Chamberlain and I’m running to retain my seat on the Prowers County Hospital District Board of Directors. I was appointed to the board, Nov of 2019 and my job on the board is far from complete.

I’m a commercial and ag banker for Frontier Bank, and I feel my 20 year career in banking and financial services gives me the necessary background to hold this seat. I have a strong history of making quality financial decisions, and my #1 priority as a PMC board member is to ensure that PMC remains financially solvent so that our area has a viable hospital for the foreseeable future. My 2nd goal is to support PMC Leadership, and help give them the tools, and attract the talent that will allow Prowers county residents to get their medical needs taken care of right here in Lamar, without having to go out of town.

I recently attended a conference in Arizona for rural hospitals and one of my major takeaways from that conference was that our challenges here in Lamar, are not at all unique when it comes to rural hospitals. In fact, we’re in better shape than a lot of rural hospitals out there, but the one thing we for sure all have in common is attracting providers who want to live in a rural area. So what we’ve got to do is be creative in our recruiting efforts and find ways to bring long term talent to this great county. We’ve already started this process on the board and we aim to continue this effort.

We have a great board in place already and a great leadership team at PMC, and I’m asking for your support to help keep it that way. Vote for me, Jacob Chamberlain, and I’ll work hard to ensure PMC continues to be viable and continues to grow and be the kind of hospital that Prowers County deserves.

Jacob Chamberlain
7845 County Highway 196

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