Holly Trustees Pass Local Disaster Emergency Resolution, Discuss Collection Fees



The Holly Trustees held their monthly meeting via conference call this past Wednesday, April 1st, due to concerns with COVID-19.

The Trustees passed Resolution 2020-4, declaring a Local Disaster Emergency in and for the Town of Holly, Colorado. Town Administrator, Michael Tanner, explained the enactment will help the town qualify for future federal or FEMA funding and resources when applying for aid due to any potential Coronavirus impact on the community. Although the resolution will be in effect for seven days from approval, the Trustees discussed their options for extending the end date to April 30th.

Considerable discussion was held regarding the new increase in collection fees and the landfill fee for dumpsters under the Garbage Collection Service Contract with Plains Disposal and passage of Resolution 2020-3 for new garbage rates, approved at last month’s meeting. Holly businessman and owner of Gateway Products, Brad Simon, stated that his rates, based on the new contract, will greatly increase as will fees for the school and other businesses in the community due to the increase in the number of dumpsters that will be required. The Trustees have been seeking options to maintain the landfill, including a transfer station proposal.

Simon stated, “These new expenses will increase my garbage fees an extra $806 a month, Reyman’s Grocery told me they will see a $600 a month increase and Jackie from the school estimated they will see a $1,000 a month increase. This is something we haven’t budgeted for based on these yardage costs and it will mean a huge hit for us at about 218% and other local businesses will be paying extra!”

Simon was told that the landfill charge will not go away with the new contract with a collection firm to which he replied, “This means my costs are going to go up to $970 a month for the same amount of yardage. I know we’ve been undercharged on our rates for some time but this is an exceptive way to go about it. No business can handle that kind of increase without something having to give. I spoke with Kelby Sikes about the contract fees recently, but I’m bothered that no one discussed this impact with business owners.” Simon said about 80% of his refuse is from cardboard.

Trustee, Corey Stephens, said the town is working on a cardboard bailer which will help reduce the tonnage of cardboard collected at the landfill and that could reduce the number of dumpsters needed at a business and help reduce costs.

Administrator Tanner said he realized the town has not seen a rate increase in collection fees since 2011 and over time, the income has barely paid for the town’s garbage truck and employee wages and residents have to expect that eventually there would be some changes. The town recently approved a contract for collections with Plains Disposal in Springfield and contractor, Kelby Sikes, said he would look at ways to be able to reduce some of the new costs. The Trustees are planning a work session to seek a workable option. Tanner said it would help all the communities to have a county-wide landfill where they could share the common costs. The Trustees directed Tanner to contact Plains Disposal to seek time to transition into the new rates which would allow some relief for the major businesses.

The Crew Report was presented and indicated that radium tests on the town’s water have been completed. Water has been turned on at the ball park and the showerheads have been replaced. The filter for the town pool is almost complete and the park lawns have been de-thatched. The visitor’s bleachers at the ball park are getting new boards. The town crew is in the process of replacing old dumpsters for new ones. Administrator Tanner said the firm, martin and Wood is collecting water samples which will be sent to the state health department for analysis. The fittings on the east well have been replaced with stainless steel which has helped keep the chlorine pump running. It had been blowing connectors.

The Holly Library Board sent a notice to the Trustees recommending that Cassandra Clark be approved as new librarian and Bonnie Neil as assistant librarian. The board asked that Alice Clark be approved as library board director, replacing Nelly Rodriguez. All actions were approved by the Trustees.

By Russ Baldwin




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