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The Lamar Redevelopment Authority and Lamar City Council conducted their regular meetings via Zoom telephone and facebook video connections this Monday evening, April 13th.

The council adopted Resolution No. 20-04-01 as well as No. 20-04-02 pertaining to measures taken to deal with the Coronavirus pandemic. The first resolution allows for the conduct of all city public meetings to be held by electronic means as a way of maintaining safe, social distancing. The second resolution is a Declaration of State of Emergency in the City of Lamar due to COVID-19.   The declaration ensures that all units of government maintain the ability and option to any emergency funding from FEMA or other aid that would become available.

Lance Clark took his oath of office as City Attorney, administered by Judge Lane Porter. Clark is replacing Garth Nieschburg and is employed at the Steerman Law Offices in Lamar. Clark’s first charge of duties will be to rework a council motion, initiated by Mayor Kirk Crespin, which will create a hardship deferral sales tax program. The program would assist those local businesses impacted by the state of emergency measures in Colorado, requesting non-essential businesses to remain closed. Sales Tax payments for March, April and May may be deferred until the end of the year, with no penalties or interest, if they are paid off before the year ends. Clark will have a resolution for consideration at the next council meeting.

Two checks required approval of the Urban Redevelopment Authority, $721.62 for soil used in the new, decorative Main Street Planters and $4,732 for Christmas pole lights which will be displayed later this year through the downtown area.

The monthly Sales and Use Tax report for February sales collected in March indicated a slight growth of 2.88% for a gain of $8,203.29. Year-to-Date collections showed an increase of 5.28% for a gain of $49,701.74 over the same period last year.

The council accepted an annual grant for $13,400 from the Colorado Pet Overpopulation Fund which offsets the cost for a new owner for spaying and neutering as required by the city. The funds also provide veterinary and emergency care should it be required.

A Police Officer Standards and Testing (POST) training grant application was approved by the council. The police department is asking for $7,500 for equipment and supplies to conduct the on-going training to maintain compliance with the mandate.

The council approved a request to transfer FAA airport improvement entitlement funds from Lamar to Salida. Each year the airport receives $150,000 for various projects and because there are none pending at this time, Lamar will allow those funds to be paid to Salida. The deferred funding will be issued to Lamar in 2021.

The City of Lamar continues to gain funding for the Main Street waterline replacement project which has been underway in various stages since 2016. Funding for the first two phases of the project have been secured at $3.6 million. The first phase has been completed and the second phase will begin in the near future. As a cost savings measure the council will apply for the third phase of the project from DOLA which will be coupled with phase two. The DOLA grant is for $800,000 which will require a dollar for dollar match from the city which will be paid for through future grants and loans. The receipt of the grant would help streamline the construction process by retaining the current contractor.

A public hearing on a bedbug ordinance for motels, hotels and private home and apartment renters will be presented by the council on April 27th.

By Russ Baldwin

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