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We are writing once again in regards to the murder case of Curly and Darlene Culbreth, the elderly couple murdered at the Lamar VFW in August 1991.

As most of you know, the case was featured on an episode of Cold Justice. The Cold Justice crew was there in September 2018 and the show aired in March 2019.  Since that time, the Sheriff’s Department was in charge of reading through a Discovery file from Cold Justice and then passing it on to District Attorney, Joshua Vogel.  None of that has been done yet.  Our dear friend Cindy Bernhardt, the victim’s daughter, has recently been told that the case has been put on the back burner.  WHY? How many murder cases are there in Prowers County? We cannot imagine how a sheriff who was so gung ho about this a year ago is now once again dragging his feet.

We want to keep this case in the forefront. It is very easy to push things aside when it does not affect you or your loved ones but we urge the Sheriff and the District Attorney of Prowers County to put themselves in the place of the victim’s family.  For Cindy this never gets pushed aside.  She lives with this every day.  We encourage the voters of Prowers County to really think about how this has been handled for the last 28 years and ask yourselves if you really want a Sheriff and District Attorney in office who puts something like this on the “back burner.”  What if it was your parents who were murdered in cold blood?

Cindy has a lot of continued support and we are wondering if it isn’t time to go above the local officials head. We think that time is coming!

Thank you for your time,
Mike and Alisa Schultz
Dove Creek, CO

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