Cow Palace Inn Closing Doors Pending Investor Restructuring

Cow Palace Inn, September 6, 2019



The Cow Palace Inn in Lamar has temporarily closed its doors, pending financing for a remodeling job under a new franchise. Owner, Doug Thrall told The Prowers Journal, a dozen employees were given notice on Thursday, September 5th as both the restaurant and the motel will be closed until further notice.  Following its construction in the early 1970s, it had been billed as, “The Convention Center for Southeast Colorado.”

“We’re looking for the last investors needed to complete our end of the agreement with a new franchise which will also contribute funding as an equity partner,” Thrall explained. He added that he hopes the complete overhaul will help bring about a close on a proposed Arby’s restaurant in proximity to the motel which has been discussed for the past several years.

“I anticipate being closed for five months once the work begins,” Thrall said, adding that the scope of the renovations is estimated at $2M. He anticipates a totally new, 100 room motel with all new furnishings, a new HVAC system, an Italian themed restaurant which will also provide a fresh and saltwater fish menu and a new lounge and courtyard dining area.  Some items will remain untouched including the terra cotta floor in the foyer which contains various brands and the newer tiled floor which offered access to the interior of the motel from the reception desk.  Public restrooms will be ACA compliant as well as some bathrooms in the separate motel units.  An elevator will be installed at the exterior of the glass-walled front entrance which provide access to the hallways serving second floor rooms and the remodeled Empire Room.

He added an indoor garage sale will begin at noon on September 11th on all items.  Thrall said he expects the new motel, still bearing the Cow Palace name, to hire 32 full time employees once renovations are completed to the 94,000 square foot structure.

The motel, which had been owned for about 10 years between 2001 and 2010 by Dhillon Enterprise went into receivership and was purchased with financial backing by Zion First National Bank out of Salt Lake City, Utah. The motel lost its Best Western franchise contract in 2010 and was re-opened the following year under management and ownership by Doug Thrall under the Rodeway Inn franchise.  The building received renovation and remodeling work the following year.

By Russ Baldwin

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