Fireworks Do’s and Don’ts for the 4th of July


Fireworks over Crawford State Park – Courtesy Photo CPW



Stay safe during the 4th of July celebrations.  One of the best ways to do that is to remain up to date on the laws regarding fireworks use.  Here’s the latest from the Lamar Fire Department.

Please keep in mind, if you purchase fireworks over state lines, bring them back, and fire them, you may be violating statutes and ordinances. With all of the moisture we have had, the City of Lamar Fire and Emergency Services have responded to calls the last two weeks directly related to the lighting of illegal fireworks. The complete list is listed below.

Here is the list of Permissible and Unlawful fireworks for use in the City Limits of Lamar. A good rule of thumb is if it goes up in the air or makes a boom/bang it is illegal. Please keep in mind this is a list for in the City Limits of Lamar.

Unlawful fireworks: Bottle rockets, Firecrackers of any type, Mortars, Roman candles

Legal fireworks: Fountains, Ground spinners, Smoke Bombs, Sparklers, Small cars/tanks with pyrotechnical fireworks 

“Trick noise makers” are also legal: Snaps (small paper wads that are thrown on the ground), Champagne poppers (pull string and they launch colored paper) and Pull string poppers (small 2” paper tube with a string from each end)

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