Blue Rose Ranch 2019 Youth Horse Camp


The annual Youth Horse Camp at Blue Rose Ranch was held June 10th – 14th. Participants had a great week working with horses. Kids learned to groom and care for horses, how to lead horses and handle them on the ground, and they had extensive riding sessions each day. Our two guest riding instructors, Alecz Adams and Haley Nevin, inspired and instructed camp participants in their riding skills. Alecz Adams is a nationally acclaimed and award-winning equestrian and published author.  Haley Nevin has won numerous awards as a horse trainer and rider. Mid-week camp participants enjoyed a thrilling mounted shooting demonstration by professional competitors Axel Thurner, Terry DeWitt, and Jessica Emmons. On Friday, parents were invited to observe their kids’ achievements and enjoyed watching their kids demonstrate horse skills while playing games on horseback. Friday’s highlights included a demonstration by Zak Feeley, Blue Rose Ranch Horse Division Foreman, and his mustang Sara.  Six members of our riding staff presented high speed drill maneuvers. Alecz, Haley, and Zak, along with Jaycee DeLaRosa, Sarah DeLaRosa, and Sally DePra, wowed the audience with their electric performance.  Each year the camp culminates with the “Joe Rosengrants Memorial Picnic”, in honor of Joe and Norma and their support of the Blue Rose Ranch outreach to youth. This year, the Springfield Lions Club hosted this picnic, just one of the many projects the Lions Club performs to serve our community.

The Blue Rose Ranch Camp is successful in large part due to our volunteers. We would like to thank Shirley Anderson, Sue Revile, and Cheryl Porter, all volunteers and supporters of Blue Rose Ranch, for their assistance at the camp. Sarah DeLaRosa and Sally DePra are accomplished riders whose expertise helped camp participants improve their riding skills.  Emmalie Byrne, Zoey Byrne, Shiann Fritzler, and Josh Elliott were a tremendous help with their knowledge of horses and patience with kids.  Youth Counselors are an integral part of the Horse Camp. Most of the counselors started years ago as kids in the Youth Horse Camp, and have continued to volunteer and ride at Blue Rose Ranch. The Directors of Blue Rose Ranch would like to recognize and thank our Youth Counselors: Rebekah Heath, Youth Director of Horse Operations, Jaycee DeLaRosa, Assistant Youth Director of Horse Operations, and Assistant Youth Counselors, Emma Wittler and Clarissa Cooper for their help and leadership at Blue Rose Ranch.

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