Turbine Repairs Impact Power Generation


Lamar Light and Power Turbines


First quarter wind turbine data indicates that the Lamar Light Plant’s three wind turbines have generated 1.821.01 MWH’s of electricity with an average capacity of 15.98% so far in 2019. First quarter power generation is approximately 35.97% lower than the same time frame in 2018.  The T-1 wind turbine is still off-line and the plant has requested a GE wind turbine field technician to assist in repairs.  The T-3 turbine was down in January due to a failed pitch motor brake which has contributed to the drop in wind power generation for the first quarter of this year.

The utility board voted to accept the bid from McFarland Cascade for wooden power poles needed to replenish the stock. McFarland was one of two companies that replied to the four bids submitted.  Several types of poles were purchased at a price of $42,830.

HD Supply was selected as the low bidder for power line hardware, the total was $9,701.40.

Light Plant Superintendent, Houssin Hourieh, brief the board on the April monthly financial report. With no significant changes to the balance sheet, cash is down $38,016 for March and accounts receivable decreased by $5,616.  Total operating revenues for the year are $4,053,280 and total operating costs are $3,587,791 resulting in gross operating income of $466,131.  When the non-operating revenues and expenses are considered, there is a net loss of $190,162, year to date.  2018 revenue from retail sales are down approximately $527,533 or 12% comparing April 2019 to last year and overall operating expenses are down approximately $116,675.

The Utility Board is continuing to accept applications to fill a recent board vacancy.

By Russ Baldwin

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