Lamar Replacing Pool Slide


Ready for Assembly


Work is underway at the Lamar Municipal Pool in preparation for the new season beginning May 27th.  One major undertaking is removing and replacing the old slide with a new one.  A work crew has broken down the old whirly side and is ready to install the new one.

Sparkling Clean

“We work from the top of the tower installing each segment until we reach pool level,” explained one of the crew hired for the task. He said that way they can better position the bottom of the slide as swimmers glide into the pool.  Another person was busy with a wet-vac suctioning out the silt and mud that had accumulated in the shallow pool while the deeper pool was next on her list.

Ready for Hook-up

The pool hours will be from 1 to 5pm Monday through Sunday and evenings from 7 to 9pm on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Call the pool at 336-7665 for more information on pool activities or the Rec Department at 336-2774.

By Russ Baldwin

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