Shore Arts Pocket Park Project Completed with New Shade Structures

Pocket Park Shade Structure


2019 began with the finalization of the Shore Arts Center Pocket Park project, the three large umbrella-type coverings that will offer shade protection from the sun and the elements for future visitors. The last segment of the project was completed on Friday, January 4th.

New Shade for Pocket Park


The Lamar City Council had approved the purchase earlier last year, but delayed the agreement until the provider, Mile High Play Systems, included a fabric warranty for any sustained winds that could damage the umbrella structures. The array can sustain winds of 76mph or as much as 90mph in three second gusts.

The cost was $24,495 for the umbrellas, but the city lucked out as Administrator, John Sutherland, informed the council this past fall, the City of Lamar had received a $4,000 donation from the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad which was applied to the overall cost.

The shade coverings measure 20 by 20 by 12 feet each and have been placed above the park where most visitors will be located. City workers said each umbrella has been firmly set in place with little chance of it being moved.  “The base of the stand is eight feet deep in the ground and has been secured,” while another commented that a 12 inch auger was used earlier to drill the hold in which the stand has been set.  They added that initial plans call for the umbrellas to be set up for a while through the winter for the public to get a chance to see them in the Park, then they’ll be removed through the rest of the winter until it’s time to offer shade from the summer sun.

By Russ Baldwin

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