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The Holly Trustees will meet for a full day for a strategic planning retreat on Saturday, October 13th and will map out what they and local resident’s suggestions consider to be priority goals for the community.  The session will be led by Sheryl Trent of SBrand Consulting, LLC who has been involved in the past with other similar retreats around the region.  Trustee Aaron Leiker explained during the Trustees monthly meeting this past Wednesday, October 3rd, that Trent is not a consultant who offers recommendations on infrastructure, landfill, utilities or related items, but helps define those suggestions which the Trustees believe are important to the town’s development for the next five to ten years.

Local residents have been urged to submit their own ideas, recommendations or identified problems within the community that fall within the scope of the Trustees. They should be mailed or delivered to the town clerk no later than Tuesday, October 9th by 4:30pm.  The address is PO Box 458, 100 Tony Garcia Drive, Holly, CO 81047.

Holly resident, Dan Tefertiller, who was hired by the town to help regulate and enforce building and construction permits described the problem of recognizing when construction is taking place in the community and being able to enforce the requirements for a permit.  The Trustees acknowledged that discussions have been ongoing for several months to develop a solution that addresses the problem.

The Trustee’s search for a replacement trash truck continues. The vehicle that was driven to the town for a demonstration developed an oil leak during the four hour journey to the point that those Trustees in attendance rejected the demo and decided to continue their search.

Roof renovation bids were opened for as many as eleven projects for the town, ranging from the theater roof to the municipal pool bathhouse but no decisions were made because additional clarification is needed to cover all points in the project. Those bidders will be contacted to revise their submissions.

The Trustees took no action on the annual contract for service with the Prowers County Sheriff’s Department. They would prefer to postpone purchasing a new vehicle for another year and wanted to discuss that and other options with the Sheriff.  On other financial matters, the Trustees will meet October 24th in a budget planning work session.

Elain Anderson, Holly Librarian, discussed the importance of maintaining the library’s municipal status, pending the ability to stay open the required 20 hours a week. She said her budget will be stretched by increased wages and an anticipated state grant of $3,500 is not earmarked for salaries.   She estimated the 2019 library budget at $11,000 and the Trustees said they will be mindful of that need when determining their general budget for next year.

In actions from the September meetings, the Trustees approved a requested upgrade from Fellowship Credit Union, to add a two lane drive-thru window to the branch and allowed a sidewalk upgrade request from Justin Willhite at 200 South Main Street which will allow a new garage door to be installed.

By Russ Baldwin

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