High School BBQ Kicks off Bully Prevention Program


Lamar High School’s Bully Prevention Program started its new season, Wednesday, September 26th, with an on-site BBQ sponsored and prepared by Atmos Energy representatives.  Approximately 500 hamburger and hot dogs sandwiches were ready to go for the students outside the main entrance during their noontime break.

Anthony LaTour (in Wig) Hands Out Hamburgers

Bully Prevention Coach, Kayla Sailors, said, “The event was an opportunity for all the students to come together at this event, to heighten awareness of bullying in the school.” The program is funded by a three year grant and is offered to Lamar Middle School students as well, with some variations.  Sailors explained, “There’s a half hour session in each home room at the high school every Monday.  This helps create awareness of the program when the students take part in team building exercises.”  She said the middle school holds a twenty minute class at the start of every day.  The school also works with the Lamar Police Department’s Special Resources Officer who is new this year.  “Tanisha Clevenger has taken over for Officer Corey Forgue and she is making her presence and her availability known to all the students.

In Line for the Food

The BBQ is one facet of the program as Sailors said last year; students in the program gave out awareness Valentine Cards to businesses in town as well as the nursing homes. A Creating Helpful Individuals and Endless Friends ‘CHIEF’ day was also held where committee members met with the new students at the high school and brought them up to date on some future events including homecoming activities.  CHIEF days are scheduled once a month for different aspects of the bully prevention program.

Surveys are also scheduled for the beginning and end of the school year during which the students can fill out a questionnaire on how well they believe the anti-bullying program is working or on any other issues relating to it.

Sailors works with other coaches at the school including John Gersick, Anthony LaTour from the Alternative School and Karen Henderson.

By Russ Baldwin


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