Letter to the Editor: On 9/11 Tribute



Today, Lamar, Colorado had their parade of memories of fallen heroes. As each American flag passed by I covered my heart with my right hand to show gratitude of those precious souls that lost their life for you and me.  We often forget that the service men who have fought and died did so because they believe in what America does for all of us, the ability to live free.  Whether we choose to live right or wrong, we are able to live it.

9-11 began because the rescuers-fire, ambulance and police lost their lives doing what they do, just going in and savings lives, property and losing theirs in the process.  While I watch this parade year after year, I am reminded that each and every service member, military, police, fire people, ambulance people; gets dressed and goes to work, not knowing whether they will come home to their families, but they believe in what they do. What angers me the most is hearing people criticize these precious souls God has put on this earth to honor and protect each and every one of us.  I have taught my children and grandchildren to respect these individuals.  The only people that criticize them are the ones that have chosen to go against the laws of this precious America, where we live free.  Free to run around and bash the same people that if your house was on fire, or your parent needed medical help, you would expect to be there in a minute.  To each and every one of your Blessed Souls that wear a uniform, I myself thank you for doing what you do.  I cried throughout this parade because I know that this parade is going down my street because so many men and women are no longer on this earth to enjoy their gamily because they chose a career that any day could take their life protecting mine.

I hope that we as Americans remind our children and grandchildren why this parade comes through out town. Please share that these men and women who are protecting you take a risk every day they go to work.  When you see a man or woman in any of these uniforms, tell them ‘thank you’ for risking their lives for protecting yours.

God Bless and keep each and every one of you safe. Thank you for each of you and something else, thank you to their families for sharing their family members to keep me safe, and God Bless and protect the families of those of these fallen heroes.

Shirley Razey,
Lamar, CO

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