Parenting in the Digital Age – Follow the Cookie Crumbs


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Parents, to help you understand how to manage your children’s use of the digital world, we will be offering tips and information every month. If your goal is to keep your children safe on the Internet, the first thing you need to do is find out where they are going.  One way to do that is to find out where they have been .

Cookies (or Web Cookies) is a piece of data sent to your internet browser to help personalize your browsing information. Websites that use cookies store certain data that can be seen and used to customize search browsers or advertising in the future, so if things start popping up a lot on your computer, it’s a good bet somebody in your household has been looking up that information.

Here is what you need to know if you see something that worries you. Cookies are also used with the auto-fill feature on a phone or computer; making it remember your information after you only enter it once. Call the Lamar Library for more information at 336-4632.

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