Thank You from Lamar Lions


The Lamar Lions are announcing an immediate closure of their Ft. Lyon’s Project. No donations will be received until further notice.

We have enjoyed the convenience and availability of a room generously provided for this project by the Cow Palace Inn for the past several years. It was so handy for collecting and storing donated items, until they could be transported to Ft. Lyons.  However, due to remodeling at the Cow Palace Inn beginning Monday, June 11th, that will no longer be available.

The Lamar Lions would like to offer our gratitude to the management and staff of the Cow Palace Inn for their years of assistance. We also send a big THANK YOU to the generous citizens of Lamar and the surrounding communities for all the donations of clothing, furniture, dishes, décor and items too numerous to mention.  You are appreciated.

For information, contact Dick Ramsay at 339-9570.

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