Lamar Honkers Welcome Sundance-High Plains RV Park & Cabins


L to R: Ashley Roseberry, Cassie Looper, Owners-Richard Taylor, Derek Mudd, Jessica Medina and Theron Hammer


The RV Park and Cabin complex just south of Lamar on Highway 287 has been under new ownership for several months and the Lamar Chamber and Honker members recently paid a greeting to the two new owners, Richard Taylor and Derek Mudd.

The Sundance-High Plains RV Park and Cabins is located at 29151 Highway 287 and is open seven days a week with 7am to 7pm office hours. The main office has been redecorated as well as cabins and motels rooms including the open central area of the outdoor facility.  More emphasis and space is being developed to accommodate RV’s.  Call for more information at 719-336-1031.

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