Redevelopment Authority Postpones Action on Two Construction Requests

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The City of Lamar Redevelopment Authority Board postponed any reimbursements for construction costs for two development incentive applications for businesses at 411 South Main Street and the other at 1202 North Main Street during their regular meeting on Monday, April 9th.  The presentations were made by Angie Cue, Lamar’s Community Development Director.

The application from People’s Credit Union at 411th South Main Street, if approved, will help defray some of the $104,077.82 in construction and renovation costs to the structure which included roof replacement, stucco, signs, a security system and an HVAC system.  Machinery and equipment costs were valued at $32,265.41.  Construction began in April, 2017 and was completed by June.

The Authority also considered the application from Quality Inn at 1202 North Main Street in Lamar, the former Super 8 Motel which was purchased in 2016. Since that time, a number of constructions costs were involved in transforming the motel into the Quality Inn, approximately $1,522,280.76 which included the purchase price of the facility.  The construction involved remodeling the rooms, new furniture, a parking facility, a canopy, paint, stucco and a new elevator.  Work began on the project in September 2016 and was completed in July, 2017.

Board members expressed concern as the requests were made after all construction had been completed. Usually, the submissions are made in the course of the project, once the estimates have been determined.  Board members favor a percentage of the costs for reimbursement and lean more towards local contractors and materials, as well as projects which help improve the value of the building.  The board directed Cue to work with the owners for clarification on their presentation and to offer more comprehensive estimates for jobs that have been created with the improvements and expansion to the two facilities.

By Russ Baldwin



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