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The Lamar Utility Board met in regular session on Tuesday, February 27th to approve purchase orders totaling $173,377 and a payment of bills totaling $774,375.  The board approved a bid submitted to them by Light Plant Superintendent, Houssin Hourieh for pole mount and pad mount transformers.

Hourieh said the low bid submitted came from Western United ERMCO at $45,773.43 for the equipment. “Sometimes you have to weigh other factors into the cost and not just respond to the lowest price,” he explained, showing figures that had the company’s evaluated total at $71,337.71.  He said when other costs associated with the materials, such as electrical use or longevity of parts are factored, an applied equation can show the client with the overall lower cost.

The system operating report for sales of electricity through December 2017 are down approximately 2.9% when compared to the same period in 2016. Residential sales were down approximately 2.47%, commercial/industrial sales were down approximately 0.36% and irrigation sales were down approximately 19.48%.  These three customer classes represent an estimated 95% of the total system sales for the year.

The board adjourned into execute session to receive legal advice on special legal questions regarding power contract negotiations.

By Russ Baldwin

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