PMC Focuses on Physician Recruitment for 2018


The Prowers Medical Center Board of Directors has always focused on gaining additional physicians and according to Chief Executive Officer, Craig Loveless, the board is looking into a new physician recruitment strategy that will benefit the local community. “We’ve decided to shift the focus on the way we’re recruiting and we plan to attend job fairs and we’ll become involved with online direct recruitment,” he told the Prowers County Commissioners during a monthly update.  He said most hospitals will use physician recruitment firms as has Prowers Medical Center in the past.  He added that the expertise of a new physician is generally based on how best to serve the needs of the community, not just on which doctor may be available.

Loveless said that Dr. James Smith will return from his military service by mid-December and when Dr. Swanson returns from maternity leave, he intends to have a staff of three general surgeons for 24/7 coverage at the hospital. He said the addition of a third surgeon will help the hospital in two areas, to be able to gain a trauma designation for emergency medical services and to help curtail patient slippage from the area.  “We estimate that 40% of our patients leave the area to have surgeries which can be performed at Prowers Medical Center.”

He said other areas of community service are being considered including partnerships with different entities.  “We have some great healthcare partnerships in the community, but there are some entities on the fringe of what we do that could aid the area such as utilizing durable medical equipment companies. We used to offer that five years ago and if we can use the license from this type of provider, we can give our patients better access to other health care areas.  We don’t want to take anything away from these companies, but form an alliance where it could work.”

Loveless spoke with the commissioners about the lockdown at the hospital last week. “It wasn’t related to anything that was happening at the hospital and only took place in our parking lot.  We received a call from dispatch describing the scenario and we made a decision to go into a lockdown mode as a safety precaution to patients and staff.  The police responded promptly to the situation and we made the decision on their recommendation,” he explained.  He said it was unfortunate that once that occurred, rumors began to spread through social media and facebook and once the situation had been resolved, the hospital issued a press release to the media describing what had transpired.  “I was very pleased with the way the hospital staff responded,” he said.

By Russ Baldwin

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