Registration Marks Countdown to School Year


Registration Day at Lamar Community Building

The Lamar Community Building will see around 1,500 students go through the annual registration process Tuesday and Wednesday, August 1st and 2nd.

There’s Only a Few Minutes Wait

The gym floor is set with tables and chairs in the middle so parents and youth can fill out the needed forms as they make their selections for their schools and classes for the 2017-2018 school year for the Re-2 District. All classes will be in session by Wednesday, August 16th.

Annual Ritual That Marks the Closing of Summer

It’s become a streamlined event with the family picking up a student’s folder through the gym door, filling out the forms and then getting signed up for such necessities as the meal program, transportation issues, medical information and any inoculations if they’re needed. The tables around the perimeter of the gym are staffed by representatives of the various schools, from Parkview and Washington Elementary, Alta Vista Charter, the relatively new Alternative School, HOPE Center and pre-school and kindergarten.  Parents can find the answers they need from the representatives, fill out the forms and be done for another year.


The process for one parent and one student usually takes about 30 minutes, providing the parents have all the information they need. One benefit for the computer generation, if there are no changes from the previous year other than grade advancement, just check the basic registration sheet as such, drop it off and move along.  The only future concern will be grades.

By Russ Baldwin

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