Letter to the Editor: A ‘Thank You’ Note


We would like to take a moment to thank a few people for making Lamar a better place to live.

Shelly at her Perfect 10 Plus Salon has for some time invited SDS (Southeastern Developmental Services) clients to have their hair cut free of charge on Wednesday afternoons.  Watching our daughter Stacy Ann after a visit with Shelly is so rewarding.  Stacy just is so excited to show us how pretty she is now.  Thank you Shelly!

We also wanted to express how great a job the Recreation Department personnel have done in maintaining the cemeteries in Lamar.  We have gone out there almost every week for the last six years, and have always been impressed with how well the grounds are maintained, enhancing the quiet serenity of the surroundings.  Thanks guys!

Thanks also to Dave Emick, and the Prowers County Veteran Services Officer, Gary Harbert, for coordinating and hosting an outing for Veterans on the Emick Ranch, exploring parts of the old Santa Fe Trail.  It was informative and we had a great time!

Douglas and Linda Harbour
South 9th St.
Lamar CO 81052


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