Lamar Will Have More Trees to Enjoy

Ready to Learn, Ready to Plant

Eager to Learn, Ready to Plant

Arbor Day enjoys a long history, dating back to Nebraska in April of 1872 when the first state Arbor Day was observed.  The event was organized by J. Sterling Morton, a prominent newspaper editor and chairman of the State Board of Agriculture.  Through his editorials and agricultural information, the need for trees as windbreaks and a means of saving soil on farmlands developed throughout the state.  Now the nation celebrates the last Friday of April as the traditional Arbor Day event with the planting of trees in a community.

Receiving Last Minute Instructions

Receiving Last Minute Instructions

The Lamar Tree Board was on hand at the city nursery this past Thursday, April 28th, accompanied by over 100 5th grade students from Parkview School.  The tree board has carried out this event for elementary school students over the years, planting trees in such areas as the city’s ballfield complex and in acreage between two of the ponds at Lamar’s North Gateway Park, the former Valco Pond area.

City's Tree Nursery

City’s Tree Nursery

This year, according the Tree Board President, Jane Felter, root stock, or root trees were planted at the tree nursery, several hundred yards north of the Lincoln School on North 10th Street.  Each of the students was given some basic instruction on how best to plant the roots by board member Mitch Kenny.  Other board members assisting were Felter, Judy Arnold, Donna Davis from the Forest Service and Galen Burnett.

Felter explained, “We’re getting the trees from Susan Hansen from NCRS. We’re able to save some money by using the root stock and when the trees are between four to five years old, they’ll be harvested and replanted around the city.”  She said this year’s variety included Hackberry, Kentucky Coffee Trees, Rocky Mountain Junipers and Eastern Red Cedar.

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