Lamar Racing Club, Bluegrass Festival Receives Lodging Panel Funding


Three events were presented before the Prowers Lodging Tax Panel for funding, Tuesday, March 15th.  Angel Munoz from the Lamar Racing Club requested advertising funds for the 2016 racing season at the Lamar Speedway for ten events, twice the number held last year.  Munoz, the president and promoter of the Club explained the additions, “We have  six races this year that are two day events that will have more visitors staying overnight and two other events where the Colorado Alliance Touring race series will be in town which will also bring in outside visitors.”  Not so much as an attraction to events, but as a necessity, Munoz said the organization has been replacing the aging bleachers and seating area which will attract more visitors to the races.  “We’re developing different types of discounts to attract more people from the region including Free Fan Appreciation, Military Appreciation and Family Night to bring more folks into the community,” he explained.

Two early races are scheduled for the afternoons of April 9th and 16th and all subsequent races through September 4th are set for the evening.  All the races are expected to last about four hours.  Munoz requested $7,500 for advertising for the racing season which will consist of promotional materials and brochures, color flyers, social media boost pages and advertising in the Pueblo Chieftain and local radio.  Panel members approved an initial funding of $2,500 at this time and decided on a performance review for future funding, given that the series of races extends from April into September.

The 14th Annual Holly Bluegrass Festival is set for June 10-12 in Holly, and according to organizer, Marge Creech, the format this year will lean toward more country-western music groups.  “We’ve asked around and people would rather listen to country-western songs,” she explained, but added that there will be some bluegrass features included in the three day event.  Events will start at 6pm on Friday, June 10th and Saturday will basically be an all-day event with at least five bands playing from 11am to 10pm.  Sunday‘s shows will begin at 10am.  The organizing committee requested $2,400 for advertising funds, locally and regionally.  Panel members approved $2,000 for funding for the annual event.

Pat Palmer said the Lamar Teamster Challenge is set for May 14th to coincide with events for this year’s Lamar Days celebration at Willow Creek Park, from noon to 4pm.  “We had nine teams last year and expect at least 14 to show up for this year’s event,” he told the Panel.  $1,500 for contract fees and transportation was requested to host the two main events, draft horse obstacle course and the feed team races.  The Panel decided to table any funding for this event pending receipt of additional funds from the state within the next several weeks.  The Panel will meet again on April 19th and Lamar Days is set for mid May.

By Russ Baldwin

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