Lamar Redevelopment Authority Okays Norjune Extension, Breakfast Restaurant Request



Neil and Rinda Emick’s request of an extension deadline for their NorJune Apartment renovations was approved by the Lamar Redevelopment Authority.  Construction delays occurred when 16 of the 32 new windows had manufacturer defects which required replacing.  This delay set back the couple’s timetable from repairing the stucco to have the building at 210 West Elm Street weathered-in and the start of drywall and insulation installation.  The new windows have since been installed and the Emick’s estimate the building will be finished by December 2024.

L&C, LLC is requesting funds from the Urban Renewal Authority to help cover the cost of structural rehabilitation improvements to 120 South Main Street on the southwest cornice.  Bricks had been coming loose and as a safety measure, needed to be replaced.  Because of the safety concerns to the public, Jake Chamberlain did not have time to apply for LRA assistance before authorizing the work, completed by Milton Hernandez who had contacted the city’s building department with their concerns.  L&C, LLC is asking the authority to waive its guideline that project work not be started until approval has been granted.  The firm is asking for $900 towards the structural rehab project which was granted.

Melissa and Andrew Felan, owners of La Lupita restaurant in Lamar are renovating a 1922 home on 410 South Main Street in Lamar into a breakfast restaurant which has been named AM Breakfast.  The lot is already in a C-2 zone and the project is estimated at $85,945.07 and total reimbursable costs are $79,533.86.  The Felans are asking $17,189 from the Lamar Redevelopment Board.  The renovations are projected to be done by February 2024 for the restaurant to be open to the public for its breakfast trade.  It’s estimated the new enterprise will develop into from 8 to 10 jobs as well as increase sales tax revenues for the city and county.  Outside improvements will continue after the restaurant is open at which time the Felans intend to request a façade grant.  The city will investigate the possibility of diagonal parking on West Pearl Street to accommodate for their clientele.

The Authority reviewed five separate bills from previous funding recipients totaling $17,111.11.
By Russ Baldwin

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