Final Football Game To Be Played At Thunder/Savage Stadium on Oct. 27


Friday, October 27 will be the final game at  Savage/Thunder stadium.   For the past 83 years, the stadium, located at 600 S 7th Street, has served Lamar well as the venue for over 400 varsity games, numerous junior varsity and middle school contests and countless memories, including Colorado state championship teams in football  in 1954, 1955, 1961 and boys track in 1943 and 1962.

The historic structure was built in 1940 as a WPA project.  Paul Steward carved the dedication stone, which is now on display at the Big Timbers Museum, which held a program to honor the Steward Family on Saturday, October 22.

The Lamar School District is building a new football, track and soccer stadium on the campus of LHS, due to safety concerns about the deteriorating state of the current stadium.  Before the page is turned to this future site, the District would like to invite all former football players to participate in a halftime photo, along with current high school and middle school teams, as well as the current student body.

Originally, the School district planned on offering free admission to the last game only to past football players, but due to overwhelming public outcry,  the decision was made to make admission free to all attendees, recognizing that the stadium has been home to more than just football players over the years.   Marching band members, cheerleaders, pompon girls, pep club members, track teams, parents and scores of students and community members have fond memories of this stadium.

The new facility will undoubtedly be state-of-the-art, safer and suitable for multiple sports with modern equipment and be the start of many new memories.   However, for everyone entering through the old stone and iron entrances this Friday night, it will be bittersweet, knowing that they will never again feel the sense of pride and excitement that was synonymous with the facility for many years.  The Lamar School District invites everyone to attend and say a final farewell to Merrill E. Brush Field and Savage/Thunder Stadium.

By Barbara Crimond

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