We’ve Had Some Rain, Here’s How Much



Water cooler conversation the past couple of weeks has focused on the amount of rain we’ve received in southeast Colorado for the past several weeks.  Hard to imagine we’d hear someone say, “I know we need the rain, but maybe not so much so quickly!”

Some farming and ranching operations have been set back due to the wet fields and although the short term forecast calls for some hot and sunny weather for the next few days, we should see some more precipitation coming our way later this week.

Here are some measurements on precipitation levels on the short term, from May 1, 2023 to present day as well as a comparison to the same period last year and an annual total for 2023, to date.  Readings taken from the Community Collaborative Rain, Hail and Snow Network.

Arkansas River June 2023 (CPW Courtesy Photo)

Colorado Parks and Wildlife recently issued an alert regarding any recreation on the Arkansas River, south of the Pueblo Dam, due to the fast-moving stream as a result of the rains.


5/1—6/19 2023

5/1—6/19 2022

2023 Year to Date

Walsh 5.4 SSW

6.15 2.07


Springfield 2.3 SE

6.53 2.78 6.53
Campo 7.8 NE 4.87 2.72


Las Animas 8.1 NE

7.80 3.61


McClave 4.0 W

8.20 3.23 9.80
Eads 0.45E 10.83 3.68


Trinidad 1.9 E

4.05 2.10 8.44
La Junta 17.5 S 6.68 1.37


Holly 0.2 ENE

9.39 3.85 12.28
Lamar 10.1 N 9.32 4.19


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