VA Volunteer Driver, Galen Burnett Honored for Years/Miles of Dedication

Tammi Wood, Burnett and Michael Kilmer


Galan Burnett has driven for the Prowers County Veteran Transportation Program for 20 years. He has logged 7,125 volunteer hours getting veterans to and from their medical appointments throughout sections of eastern Colorado served by the medical facilities of the VA.  Many rural veterans have no other way to get to their medical appointments without the donated time of these wonderful volunteers.

Several presentations were given to Burnett for his volunteer work on Tuesday, May 9th, to the Veterans Administration over two decades including a wooden lattice creation of the American Flag, a certificate noting his dedication to community veterans and a newly created medallion recognizing those individuals who have performed in the service of the VA.

County VA Rep, Gary Harbert, Burnett and other VA Volunteer Drivers

Burnett addressed the gathering on behalf of the volunteer drivers, “Many of our vets down in this area cannot safety transport themselves to their medical appointments.  The transportation services offered by the VA is an immense help to better health for our vets. So, I’d like to thank you for providing their service to those vets in this region.”

Another driver, Charles Hewitt stated, “each and every trip you take really offers a trip back in history.  During the drive, you get an opportunity to speak with these vets and learn about their lives and how they served their country while in the military, from older vets back in the 1950s for Korea, to many Vietnam veterans.  You cannot get that kind of insight or experience from a book or newspaper.”

The current drivers for the veteran transportation program are:  Guy Zannone, Charles Hewitt, Pete Rideout and Joe Gates. These medical rides are completely free for veterans.  Gary Harbert, the Prowers County service representative noted that with Galen’s retirement, there is an opening for a new driver and anyone interested can contact him at 336-2606 for details.  Vehicles are provided and you do not have to be a veteran to drive. If you’re a veteran in Prowers County and you have not enrolled for benefits, give Gary a call at 719-336-2606.  The coverage area includes La Junta, Pueblo, Colorado Springs and Denver.
By Russ Baldwin

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