LUB/ARPA Scholarship Winners Announced

Lamar Light and Power Offices


Lamar Light Plant Superintendent, Houssin Hourieh named the Lamar Utility Board – Arkansas River Power Authority scholarship winners for 2022.  There were eight entries, each vying for a $1,400 combined scholarship based on an essay pertaining to energy production and usage.  The winners are: Abigail Ross from Lamar, Annabell Mortimeyer from Wiley and Ansley Herrera from McClave High Schools.  The size of the scholarships has increased over the past several years when each utility contributed $500 to the winners.

Plant crews installed 300 feet of underground line for a new service at 3500 1st Street in Lamar which will feed the Southeast Health Group housing facility.  A crew also installed a 45 foot, Class 2, steel pole replacing a decayed wooden structure powering John Deere’s facility as well as a two pole, single phase line extension to a new house at Pheasant Run in Wiley and a 55 foot wooden pole for Holly’s ball field.

The Lamar Utility Board approved purchase orders of $732,406.85 from a total of $747,167.58.  Of that, $651,401.89 was for the May estimate for power from Arkansas River Power Authority.  Bills were paid in the amount of $122,170.34.
By Russ Baldwin

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