Lamar School District Re-2 Welcomes Three Outstanding Students as New School Board Members

Vanessa Chairez, Drew Durst and Hallie Mackey with Dr. Krug


In an exciting development for Lamar’s education system, three exceptional high school students have been appointed as new members of the school board. Drew Durst, Vanessa Chairez, and Hallie Mackey, all renowned for their exemplary academic records and leadership skills, will play a vital role in shaping the future of our school district.

These talented individuals were selected from a pool of highly motivated and accomplished candidates who demonstrated a passion for education and a deep commitment to their community. Their addition to the school board marks a significant milestone as they become the youngest members ever to hold such a position in Lamar.

Drew Durst, a senior at Lamar High School, has consistently impressed both teachers and peers with his dedication to academic excellence. He has not only excelled in the classroom but has also contributed extensively to extracurricular activities, showcasing his strong leadership abilities. He founded the LHS Media Club at Lamar High School his freshman year, which produces a weekly news broadcast for the school, showcasing events across the school and the community. His appointment to the school board is a testament to his exemplary character and drive to make a positive impact on his fellow students’ lives.

Vanessa Chairez, a senior at Lamar High School, has already demonstrated remarkable leadership skills by actively engaging in student government by serving as the LHS headgirl and various community service initiatives. She has remarkable talents when it comes to marketing and communications, and her ability to listen to diverse perspectives and collaborate with others to find common ground will be invaluable in addressing the challenges facing our school district.

Lastly, Hallie Mackey, a senior at Lamar High School, has proven herself as an advocate for inclusivity and equity in education. She has actively worked to create a welcoming and supportive environment for all students, regardless of their background or abilities. She currently serves as the Colorado DECA State President, and is committed to serving as a role model and leading students across the state. Her commitment to fostering a sense of belonging will undoubtedly help shape policies that prioritize the well-being and success of every student.

The inclusion of these three exceptional students on the school board is a testament to the district’s commitment to empowering youth voices and promoting student-centered decision-making. Their unique perspectives and firsthand experience as high school students will provide valuable insights into the needs and aspirations of their peers, ultimately leading to more inclusive and effective policies.

The Lamar School Board, along with the community, warmly welcomes Drew Durst, Vanessa Chairez, and Hallie Mackey. Their appointment not only highlights the exceptional talent within our high school but also signifies a significant step towards fostering a more student-centric educational system. We eagerly anticipate the fresh ideas and enthusiasm they will bring to the table, as they work alongside experienced board members to shape the future of education in Lamar.

As these three exceptional individuals embark on this journey, we wish them every success and offer our support as they strive to make a positive difference in our schools and our community.

Their passion, dedication, and unwavering commitment to education are an inspiration to us all.  Congratulations, Drew Durst, Vanessa Chairez, and Hallie Mackey! Your contributions to the school board will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on the lives of countless students, and we eagerly await the positive changes you will help bring about.

Chad Krug
Lamar School District RE-2

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