Wiley Rock School Group Receives Donation

Kolton Cass, Teacher Nicole Piner, Shay Pomroy


A community open house for the Wiley Rock School was a perfect opportunity to receive a donation from the Wiley United Methodist Church Women’s group.

Main Room of School

Nicole Piner, Wiley social studies teacher, accepted the donation on behalf of the on-going preservation efforts of the students and community.

Wiley Rock School

For the past several years, Piner and Sally DePra, plus various high school students have been volunteering their time and efforts to re-open the school to the public and showcase the history of the building, developed under a Works Progress Administration project in 1938.  These women and students are continuing the legacy begun by Carla Scranton and Ruthie Esgar for the restoration of the building and the Wiley history it contains.

Students Shay Pomroy and Kolton Cass were on hand this past Friday, January 13th, opening the school and reviewing some of the historical documents and displays.  Piner said the school was put into use several years ago after a fire destroyed a portion of the current student facility until a new construction had been completed.

By Russ Baldwin

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