Plans Developing for 9/11 Memorial Sculpture


Harbour and Steerman Discuss Logistics of Sculpture

Just prior to Christmas, the Tri-State Foundation President, Doug Harbour and board members, met with renowned artist, Scott Stearman.

The placement of the first, life-sized bronze sculpture at the memorial site was discussed.  The site, in front of the Big Timbers Museum off Highway 50 in Lamar, has been under development for several years.

Scott Stearman is well-known for specializing in military and religious works of art and plans to create a fireman in full gear, running out of the wall.  Part of the sculpture will be embedded in the wall in a, “Field of Dreams” effect.  The piece will be entitled, “Running Towards Danger”.

If all goes according to schedule, the artwork should be finished before September 11, 2022.

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