Letter to the Editor:  Thank you for Community Assistance


On behalf of the Tri-State 9.11 Tribute Foundation, I wish to express our gratitude to the many volunteers that helped on our workday held Saturday morning May 8th, 2021, at our site next to the Big Timbers Museum.

Chad Sailors and Anthony La Tour brought over 20 young athletes from Lamar Middle and High Schools, and the Hope Center, to help with our clean-up project. With the work of these volunteers, including local Scout Troops, along with the help of a half dozen adults who helped supervise/shovel, the two huge piles of gravel soon disappeared from beside the retaining wall and became incorporated within the Memorial.

Colorado Mills sent over a skid loader, along with an expert driver, Shawn Lopez, to help with the project.  Those 20 young men leveled and raked each bucket full of gravel almost before the next load arrived from the skid loader.

We originally allotted a half day to accomplish this operation.  However because of youth and muscle the whole project was completed in 2 hours!

Thank you!

Doug and Linda Harbour

Lamar, CO

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