Dear Editor and Lamar Community: Civility and Generosity

This has been a year to remember or maybe a year to forget? I am still not sure which! Phrases that many of us have never used are now part of our everyday vocabulary. These phrases include pandemic, lockdown, stay at home order, flatten the curve, mask required, quarantine, zoom meeting, remote learning, protect your neighbor, and social distance to name a few. Some of these phrases I can honestly say I would be okay never hearing again although I am sure that is not the case.

There is a seemingly endless number of symptoms of contracting the COVID-19 virus, but one unfortunate “side effect” has been division. Our country has been extremely divided on the issue of how the virus has or should be handled and what precautions if any should be taken to protect ourselves. I would encourage everyone reading this (including myself) that we do not have to agree to be kind to one another. We can disagree on almost everything in life and still treat each other with respect and civility. Also, it is not our sworn duty to correct someone when they post on social media or say or do something we do not agree with. This is a hard truth to remember.

One thing we can hopefully be united in is helping our neighbors. Many in our community are hurting financially, emotionally, and spiritually because of what the year 2020 has brought us. We can’t help everyone, and some are not willing to help themselves, but there are many who just need a hand up back on their feet.

I truly feel that the Lamar Colorado Ministerial Alliance is one of the best places to donate to help meet needs in our local community. LCMA is a great centralized resource that has checks and balances in place that are not possible with churches or individuals helping on their own. Many individuals, organizations, and churches including ours give to the LCMA to help those who are truly in need in our community. Would you consider giving to LCMA this Christmas season?

We are setting a goal this year of trying to raise $30,000.  And since Bell Ringing is our only fundraiser we do each year, we are counting on you to help us out.  LCMA is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit.  All your donation will be helping the less fortunate.  90% of it will stay right here in Prowers County.

If you are shopping at Walmart, you can make your donation right at the cash register this year.  Just rounding up to the next dollar can make a big difference in someone’s life here in Prowers County next year.  And if you are shopping at Safeway, you can make a difference by helping Sparrow House by doing the same thing.

You can also mail in your donations.  Make checks out to LCMA.  Send them to Caring Center, Greg Ausmus.  1001 S Main Street, Lamar CO 81052.  There is also our GoFundMe page where you can make donations as well.  That can be found at  You can also search it out by looking for “LCMA helping People in Prowers 2021.”  Every little bit counts.  We need your support. Please prayerfully consider how you can help your neighbor in need.

God bless,
Pastor Travis Horn,
Missionary Baptist Church

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