Annual Dog Day at Lamar Pool

“We got her attention, now make her throw the Frisbee”



Sometimes the dogs have better weather for their events than humans do. It was all sunshine this past Sunday, August 18th when the Lamar Municipal Pool opened their doors to all area dogs so they can frolic and owners can have some fun watching.

Sarah McCloskey from Lamar Animal Shelter Brought Some Dogs Over

This is the fourth year pool manager Carrie Smith and some of her crew volunteer their time. The pool officially closed the week before, on the 11th, but won’t be drained until sometime later this season and the equipment will be cleaned and stored for another season.

Squirrel?? In Here??

The pool opens for small dogs first for a half an hour and then it’s open to dogs of all sizes. Humans are allowed in, but only up to a point on the shallow side.  As usual, some dogs took to the water without a moment’s hesitation, usually chasing a tennis ball to retrieve.

Others are a bit hesitant and need a little owner-assisted nudge to get their paws wet.  A lot of them catch on fast, using a ladder to help get back to the pool deck, while many just walk in from the shallow end.

It’s a nice way to wrap up the summer season for dogs and owners alike as Labor Day is only three weeks away. Of course, folks in southeast Colorado know full well that the summer season can last well into September which might be the case, given the consistent high temperatures we’ve experienced since July.

By Russ Baldwin

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