New Signage for Safety


Three locations on Highway 287 through Lamar have been equipped with electronic street-crossing signage as part of the overall Downtown Project, according to Brian Long, CDOT Resident Engineer.

Traveling north, motorists will encounter the three at the Lamar Community College Baseball Field at Merchant’s Park. This lighting system is known as RRFB, or Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon, the next is at Parkway and Main Street, near the south Loaf and Jug, and again, this is a RRFB system which will be noted for the eye-catching, strobe-like flashing lights which signals that someone is crossing the street.  The systems are human operated.  The final system, located at the Middle School is known as a HAWK System, High Intensity crosswalk, and is elevated, above the highway and very easy to notice.

Motorists are required to come to a stop to give safe passage to anyone crossing the roadway at these points. Long explained that new crosswalk markings on the road surface will be conducted when the final striping takes place. Motorists should become aware of the new systems and prepared to obey the rules of the road, especially with a new school season upon us.

By Russ Baldwin

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