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When new drivers are taught how to drive, they are given a book to study entitled the Colorado Driver Handbook which contains the driving laws in Colorado. This 38 pages of golden rules of the roadway is essential for new drivers on how to drive safely.  Over the years, I believe sometimes drivers forget some of the topics in that book.  Now, I understand some of the content is tried and true laws that have been around for decades, but there are new laws that have come to pass since some of us went through driver’s training.

I suggest the next time you get a chance, pick up a copy or look it up online and read what it has to say. Many people in professional fields continue to read manuals throughout their entire career to make sure they are up to date on the latest topics, or maybe it’s just a refresher on old topics; no matter what the reason, it’s important for them to keep up to date on updated information.  I believe this should be the same for the driving public.  Let’s look at some of the content of the handbook.

On the first page after the cover, is a message from the Governor that I feel has importance. He writes, “As part of the state’s continuing commitment to safety on the roads and responsible driver education, I am proud to present the Colorado Driver Handbook.”

I truly believe it shouldn’t just be the state’s commitment to safety on the roads, but every driver in Colorado. Making sure you and all other drivers know the particulars to each law is paramount to a safe driving experience.

The handbook covers a multitude of topics including information on driver’s licenses. So, if you have a new up an coming driver in the family, the book has all the details for getting your new driver properly licensed, as well as letting you know at what age they have to be to get a learner’s permit.

The online copy also has blank forms you can print for drive time logs and an Affidavit of Liability and Guardianship. Some of the other topics covered in the handbook are DUI’s, seatbelt usage, roundabouts, right-of-way, and bicycle laws just to name just a few.

Now I will eventually hit all of the topics in the handbook, but if you’re impatient, such as me, then you’ll want to take a look at this as soon as possible.

Here is the web address for the driver’s handbook.

As always, safe travels!


By Trooper Gary Cutler

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