Artwork for Shore Arts Center Pocket Park Nearing Completion

Pocket Park Artistry



As promised last week, local artist Jeremy Cooper is putting the finishing touches on the interior of Lamar’s downtown Pocket Park. The outer mural facing the east parking lot is vivid with musically themed swirls of color while the interior walls are more sedate by comparison.

Finishing Touches Make the Difference

“I’ve incorporated the rolling plains into the design using three basic colors,” Cooper explained. “The Celtic green is purposely bright and it offsets the darker brown areas that tend to match the base of the design,” he said.   The visitor also notices outlines of yellow streaks of sunlight separating the two main colors on all the walls.

Interior View from the Sidewalk

Cooper said because the brick material is so porous, he used 14 gallons of paint when he thought he could complete the project with only ten. “I noticed there were areas of the wall where paint did not reach completely, so I had to spray from several different directions to provide an even distribution of color.”

Entrance View Facing East

Most of the work was done using a commercial paint sprayer and Cooper was using a brush to put the finishing touches to the walls. He said the outer mural was painted with spray cans, “but I would have needed over 200 for the 4,000 square foot project on the inner walls.”  One wall featured a minimum amount of color as that section is intended to act as a projection screen for showing movies at a later date.

Large Wave on Brew Unto Others Accentuates the Alleyway

Shade awnings will be mounted overhead to provide some comfort from the summer sun and more tables and trash receptacles are also planned for everyday or special uses of the Pocket Park. A small marquis near the sidewalk on the north side wall announces planned activities for the park.  Those wishing to book the downtown park for their private use can contact the Lamar Parks and Recreation Department at 336-2774.

By Russ Baldwin

(EDITOR’S NOTE:)  I originally misnamed Mr. Cooper as Miller in this article and I apologize for the error.

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