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What do the people of Lamar want? It appears to be to improve the lifestyle we have here, according to people who participated in the Lamar Public Library’s Outside the Lines activities during Cities and Towns week in September.

The Library held a series of events ranging from a “Walmart Takeover” to Karaoke, Rock Painting, and a Story Walk in the Park. At each event, the librarians handed out “I Love Lamar” stickers and asked people what one change they would like to see in Lamar.

Participants were entered into a drawing for restaurant gift certificates from the Ports to Plains Travel Plaza, Mission Villanueva, and the Hickory House.


74 of the 165 respondents wrote down a lifestyle or recreation response. The overwhelming favorite as an addition to our city, however, was water – 21 people said they wanted an indoor pool, five want a full water park, and 3 asked for a splash pad! Activities for families, teens and kids also got a lot of support, with 15 votes.

“We need more activities for the community to get to know one another and do better for others,” said one respondent.

Biking, walking and horse-riding paths were a popular choice as was adding a dog park and improving or adding to Lamar’s parks. Others want a go-cart track, teen center, skate park, ice skating rink, putt-putt golf, and a trampoline park.

Others were much more interested in making things better on the social side – they expressed concerns about jobs (8) and helping others (8). Many were concerned about drug use, enforcing traffic laws, and getting the road construction completed.

“Please just consider putting speed bumps just north of the corner of 11th St. and Washington (on 11th St. to slow down traffic going into Escondido Park) and at the entrance/exit to discourage fast drivers to slow down as they drive between the park and Washington upon exiting the park,” said one person.

One person was concerned that there are too many ordinances in the city. Others (13) were very concerned with the City’s appearance.

“The Davies Hotel and other Main St. buildings need to be restored and made into community centers: Buildings for all ages!” said one person. Another suggested a “Neighborhood preservation team” to remind citizens to keep weeds down.” A third said, Lamar needs “more trees planted throughout the City – turn Lamar back into Big Timbers!”

18 respondents want to improve retail business offerings in the City, expressing desire for clothing stores, toy stores, a mall, and a pot shop. Several expressed the need for more businesses in order to attract more people to the City, which has been declining in population.

Another 23 were asking for a greater variety in restaurants. “Lamar needs a nice steakhouse or something for a fancy dinner,” said one person, and others agreed.

The Library also got a few suggestions and comments, such as buying more toys for the kids’ area, supporting local authors, and having more programs.

“Lamar is a great place to raise kids. It has a lot to offer families with wonderful activities, said one respondent, adding that “the Library is awesome!”

Winners of the gift certificates were Cooper Carter and Helen Erick (Mission Villanueva), Catherine Wade and Roger Cordova (Ports to Plains Travel Plaza, Lamar CO), and Jamie Anderson (Hickory House).

For information, contact: Sue Lathrop, Lamar Public Library, 719-336-1293

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