Simply Fit Board, from QVC to ABC’s 20/20

Simply Fit Board @ Shark Tank

Simply Fit Board @ Shark Tank

It’s been a busy year for Linda Clark and her daughter, Gloria Hollman, since their November 6, 2015 appearance on Shark Tank, the ABC award winning show where entrepreneurs pitch their products to investors, the sharks, to try to get a deal. The Simply Fit Board, created by Gloria and Linda, has seen sales skyrocket around the country following their appearance on Shark Tank and procuring a deal with Shark Lori Greiner who is also known as the queen of QVC.  In fact, the day after their appearance on Shark Tank, Lori and Linda began selling the boards on QVC.  To date, over 200,000 have been sold on the popular shopping network.  Another high mark in their careers will be evident this Friday, February 24th when they appear on ABC’s 20/20 television program.

Linda said that prior to their Shark Tank appearance, she, Gloria, and other family members showed about 30,000 boards at consumer shows around the country. In an earlier interview with The Prowers Journal, Gloria said sales had hit around 30,000 in the two years prior to the Shark Tank show.  That entailed a lot of vendor display booths around the country; packing and unpacking boxes of boards and driving from one vendor site to the next.  Within three days of their Shark Tank appearance, over 27,000 orders came in, which took them six weeks to fulfill.  When they began taking orders again, 52,000 were on the wait list and another 27,000 orders were processed, and they had to use a fulfillment center in Denver so they could keep pace with the orders that came in.  “The numbers climbed again with a repeat segment on January 22nd and the orders picked up again.  It was really crazy!” she said.  “We were looking for a place in Lamar where we could do the distribution, but there wasn’t anything we found that had the loading docks we needed,” she explained.  Now, just days before their product is featured on 20/20 for additional exposure, Clark looked back on the past year.

“We went to California in April for filming and finally got eight hours of filming down to a two minute feature.”  Since the Simply Fit Board was proving to be such a success, their partner, Greiner, suggested they do an infomercial.  Plans got underway quickly and an infomercial company was found and filming took place last April.  It was a long, two-day process to make the two minute version of the infomercial, which was tested in May and June.  Linda said, “Only one in ten products are successful for an infomercial, and the Simply Fit Board passed the test.  In just over six months, over 2.5 million boards have been sold, and they can be found in retail stores across the country, including WalMart, Bed, Bath & Beyond, Home Depot and Target, to name just a few.”

Linda will be returning to QVC March 11-12th for a special offer on the Simply Fit Board.  She reflected and said that life has been good over the past few years, but it has been a hectic rush as well.  “Gloria bought a home in Greeley and a fifth wheel so her family can do some traveling.  We’re building a house in Lamar this spring as this will continue to be our home.”  Their Lamar office is at 215 South Main Street in Lamar which is also the location of their Play Clay Factory.  “We’ve been very blessed.  It’s taken Faith and hard work, but it’s all been worth it.”



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