Yard Sale Tips & Tricks 5 – Displaying Clothing

Yard-Sale-2Yard sales are a great way to pass on clothing that you no longer need or want. Many yard sales have a large quantity of clothing for sale, but it may take a little organization and creative display to help sell those clothes.

Some customers may only be looking for something particular and may assume you don’t have what they are looking for if they can’t immediately see it. Let’s say your customer is looking for shorts. If you have all of your shorts, jeans, and pants in one pile, they may easily overlook what you have to offer. For this reason, you should consider separating clothes into sections. Start by separating men’s clothes, women’s clothes, and children’s clothes and then separate by the type of clothes. This makes it easier for your customers to quickly see what you have to sell.

Hanging clothes also helps your customers to easily spy what they are looking for. This is also helpful if you have extra hangers you are trying to get rid of. To do this, you can easily create a place to hang clothes by tying a line between two trees or hanging clothes along the top of an existing fence.

This is the fifth installment in a series of articles to help you have the best yard sale ever. Be sure to check the latest yard sale/garage sale listings on our Main Yard Sale page by clicking here.

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