Health Concerns Force Retirement of Lamar Police Department Canine


Canine Nero, who began his duties with the Lamar Police Department in June, 2012, when he was 13 months old, is having health problems and his retirement was approved by the Lamar City Council during the Monday night meeting, March 28th. Lamar Police Chief Kyle Miller explained Nero was certified in narcotics detection, tracking and patrol work and had been assigned to his handler Sergeant Jamison Sherrill for his career.

Of late, Nero has developed hip problems as well as other ailments including arthritis in his spine. Sergeant Sherrill said Nero will remain in his care for the rest of his days, and become basically, the family pet.  “He’s been with me about 24 hours a day since we started and we’ll have to have some time to let him adjust to his new role as he’s still very protective of me around other people,” Sherrill explained, adding he will be financially responsible from Nero from this point on.  Asked if there plans for a replacement, Chief Miller stated, “We won’t be looking for a similarly trained dog because of the state’s new regulations regarding marijuana laws.  Nero had been trained to alert on marijuana and that could have some legal entanglements with a replacement now, given the new regulations we’re operating under.”  Sherrill thanked the council for their support of the Canine department.  The department still has its other canine, Dante, assigned for patrols.

In other law enforcement developments, the LPD received approval from the council to provide security from an off-duty officer for the Fair Board as required by the Kansas City BBQ Society which sanctions the contests across the country. The annual contest will be held in Willow Creek Park in early May. The fee is $30 an hour for a total of $240.  The police department was also hired for security at the Lamar Junior Class After Prom.  The Committee has hired two off-duty officers, also at $30 per hour for the event which will be held the night of April 23 to early morning on the following day.  A reminder, the next session of the Citizen’s Police Academy begins classes on Thursday, April 14th.  Contact the Lamar Police Department at 336-4341 about requirements for joining the class.

By Russ Baldwin

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