Lamar Community College Earns Grant for Mobile Learning Lab

Lamar Community College (LCC) has been awarded a competitive grant of $859,145.28 from the Colorado Community College System and the Office of Economic Development and International Trade to develop the Southeast Colorado Industrial Technology Mobile Learning Lab.

The Industrial Technology Mobile Learning Lab will provide vital training opportunities in Industrial Technology and related fields, focusing on manufacturing principles to enhance the safety and efficiency of industrial processes and machinery. These versatile skills will be applicable across various sectors, including manufacturing, construction, transportation, electrical systems, and renewable energy. Participants will receive short-term training in areas such as industrial mechanics, including maintenance, troubleshooting, and equipment repair, through a blend of theoretical learning in a technology-equipped classroom and practical, hands-on applications using advanced equipment. This comprehensive approach ensures learners understand machine operations and can apply this knowledge to improve workplace safety and efficiency.

“Receiving this grant is a significant milestone for Lamar Community College and the communities we serve,” said Courtney Morris, Work-based Learning Program Director at LCC. “The Southeast Colorado Industrial Technology Mobile Learning Lab will provide essential skills and training, preparing our students for success in high-demand careers.”

The lab will be technologically equipped with a classroom for theoretical learning and a modular area with customized training equipment for practical, hands-on experience. Initially, the lab will offer training in electrical and mechanical manufacturing, renewable energy, welding, construction trades, and industrial agriculture, with plans to expand based on community and industry needs. The lab is designed to travel and bring customized training to any area in our region, ensuring access and support for all communities LCC serves.

LCC continues to strengthen its relationship with local businesses and surrounding community colleges through the LCC Workforce Resilience Program grant funded in 2023. Through our Workforce Resilience alliance, supporting partners like Trinidad State College and Otero College can leverage LCC’s Industrial Technology Mobile Learning Lab to expand customized workforce development in their regions as well. The lab will overcome distance barriers, bringing training directly to rural communities and allowing LCC to provide tailored workforce development. The lab is expected to operate in partnership at the counties of Prowers, Bent, Otero, Kiowa, Baca, Crowley, Las Animas, and Huerfano.

“We are committed to ensuring that our community, residents, and local industries receive the support they need to thrive. This grant exemplifies another example of our dedication to bringing Southeast Colorado the necessary equipment, training, technology, support, and curriculum to empower our local workforce,” shared Dr. Rosana Reyes, President of Lamar Community College.

The Southeast Colorado Industrial Technology Mobile Learning Lab represents a pioneering effort to bolster workforce development across our region. By customizing education aligned with local industry needs, Lamar Community College is intentional on practical learning, to equip individuals with the tools needed to excel in a dynamic job market.

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